Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince For PSP

If you had read the book or even watched the movie, then you know how the game goes. It basically follows the same plot as in the movie. Still, when I first checked on this game in the web, I thought it was cool with the graphics and all. But once I got my hands on it and start playing I was like “on to the next game”.

This game is just so bad. Well, let me put it this way, boring. Maybe the next parts of the game are exciting but when I started playing it, it was just a lot of conversation, pressing button to button to bypass a conversation. Man … I stopped playing right away. The graphics are average too.

If you had finished this game, kudos to you. Me, well … I really was not entertained right from the start. So I stopped … and played X-Men Origins: Wolverine instead ;).

I had high hopes for this game considering that it is Electronic Arts. I guess there is a first disappointment and this one is it.

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