Experience The Ultimate In Weather Tracking

Mother nature is unpredictable. At the last moment, its state may change. But thanks to technology, desktop weather trackers have made it possible to track various weather changes that can greatly aid us prepare for the worst like disasters and natural calamities.

Weather Defender is a good weather software for everyone. It can spot weather intruders while there is still time because in large part of the software’s innovative Alert Perimeter technology. It also features live weather radar, always-on threat monitoring, customizable safe zones and even alerts to email, PDA, mobile phones and others. These features ensure that you get alerted to round the clock monitoring of the weather.

So where does the software gets all its data? Good question. It connects to a national network of radar and weather satellites and continuously scans for weather intruders near your home or place of business. Once it detects a threat like tornadoes, Weather Defender will activate alerts to give you time to prepare for whatever is coming.

Be Informed. Be Prepared. Be the first to know about weather threats. When seconds matter, can you protect all of your loved ones all at one time? Avoid that situation. Be prepared in advance. Check out Weather Defender!

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