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The Apple iPad had just been released. And like with so many other newly released gadgets, there are bound to be problems, issues and all. A great way to find answers or just talk about the topic is to engage with other members in forums and share ideas. You can check out this iPad forum specically catering to topics about Apple’s new product, the iPad.

I am sure majority of you have came across forums so using them to reply or read through entry posts is fairly easy. The iPad forum is powered by Simple Machines and I would say this is one of the best forums because of its ease of use and manageability.

Membership is absolutely free. Register for an account now and interact with other iPad owners and share your thoughts, ideas, problems and everything related to the iPad tablet. There are even iPad hacks, mods, tips & tricks in there shared by other members.

This forum is not run by Apple. Still, a forum for iPad users is always good for the entire iPad community as the more forums there are, the more that information will be shared. Go ahead. Check out this Apple iPad forum.

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