Facebook Fixes Security Bug In Chat Program

Apparently, I read an interesting article in CNN regarding a serious bug flaw in Facebook’s chat program. But no fret, Facebook chatters can now rest at ease. The chat feature is now back online after they fixed a bug that can enable any user to view the private live chats of any of their friends by viewing the user’s profile through the site’s privacy settings.

Writer Steve O’Hear has this to share: “I know Facebook wants us to share more information and open up, but I’m not sure that this is quite what they had in mind”.

He accesses a friend’s supposedly private chat conversation by using a feature that lets people preview their profile through the eyes of their friends. This feature is intended to let people see if they’ve managed their privacy settings correctly. A person, for instance, might make some Facebook information viewable to everyone, while keeping co-workers or professional contacts in the dark about new photos or status updates.

When O’Hear previews his profile through the eyes of a friend, he pulls up that friend’s private chat. You can view the video below on how the flaw works.

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