Did Another iPhone Prototype Go Missing?

Some interesting news here at ABC News. Just a few weeks after the tech blog Gizmodo made headlines with an exclusive story about a leaked prototype of a next generation Apple iPhone, a Vietnamese tech blog has published pictures of what it says are another leaked iPhone 4G prototype.

The newest photographs and video surfaced on the Vietnamese forum Taoviet.vn. Taovet did not say where the allegedly leaked phone came from, but the tech blog MacRumors said the person who sent them the link to the Vietnamese post told them a businessman had purchased it in the U.S., along with an iPad. According to the translation of a commenter on Engadget, it was purchased for $4,000.

Whoa! Man … I guess a few days from now, we will read more news about Taoviet and who knows, Apple might make a move again. While Apple is known for notoriously being secretive about upcoming products. This has now happened twice in just a few weeks. Makes me wonder, hmm ….

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