Software Protection Service

Crypt the script! One dilemna that faces programmers whenever they create software applications is the chance that it may be reverse engineered. This technique is a way for hackers to understand the inner workings of the program. One way to solve this problem is to protect software by obfuscating the compiled code so that when hackers try to reverse engineer the program, they will only see garbled and hard to understand code.

Morpher is a software protection system that has some good features. Among these are the huge number of operating systems and architectures that are supported, obfuscation engine is based on industry standard c/c++ compiler, sophisticated obfuscation techniques and seamless integration into a program’s build chain.

One other feature that piqued my interest is for the user’s ability to tweak the size and speed limit to effectively combat reverse engineering. So I tried to obfuscate it, the speed at which the application runs did not have any slow down. It was as if I never applied obfuscation to it in the first place. Pretty impressive!

To have secure software all the time. It is better to have an added layer of obfuscation so your software will be protected. Crypt the script! Start with morpher!

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