Apple Topples Microsoft’s Throne

Nothing surprising here really. After the downfall of its bust operating system Vista, I knew it was just a matter of time till Apple catches up and overtakes Microsoft in stock worth. Ever since the iPod debuted, it has catapulted Apple upward and upward. When the iPhone and iTouch were released, it made Apple even more popular.

So it comes as no surprise that Microsoft’s dominance as the tech industry’s most valuable player has ended.
Just last month, Microsoft’s market cap exceeded Apple’s by about $25 billion, but now Apple is in the lead by nearly $3 billion.

Microsoft’s consumer products business is struggling to compete as Apple’s hot new items like iPad and iPhone capture the attention of customers. I agree that instead of trying to create its own audience and create new innovations, Microsoft has been playing catch-up in industries like mobile and media (Zune).

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