Tenchu: Time Of The Assassins For PSP

This PSP entry in the series has you as ninjitsu masters Ayane and Rikumaru in an all-new storyline that takes place immediately following the events of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. Each character is tied to a different story, and each story offers different levels to play through. In addition to the scenario mode, there is also a ‘free mission’ mode that’s comprised of 50 independent missions to enjoy after you have completed the single-player campaign.

As to the overall rating of the game itself, I would say 0. When I started playing it, it only lasted a few minutes. I was deeply discouraged that there is no map available, hence I find it a waste of time scouring through its environment and finding my way through. Without the help of a map, I just get plain tired playing the game.

The graphics are not that good. Even the CGI animation cutscenes are not very detailed. I played Tenchu before in some other platform and I would say that game was good. But in this PSP version, I stopped playing the moment I could not bring out the map so I would know where my character’s current location is.

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