Would You Want An iPad?

Frankly, if anybody could afford to get one, I believe anybody would want it. And for good reason. It is Apple after all. That innovative genius. Even though I had heard both positive and negative feedbacks regarding its features, Apple is still Apple. And you know when you hold any Apple gadget, you are classy ;).

I am sure you know about the iPad. If you do not, then you have been way out of touch with the gadget world. So basically it is an oversized iTouch which runs in the same operating system but is best suited for reading e-books and … really … comics. I saw one guy with an iPad and he was reading some Iron Man e-comic and I said to myself, now that, is really what e-books and e-comics are for. The tablet is just fit for reading stuffs like that.

And you can also play the same games that you can find in the iPhone and iTouch. For all the hype that Apple had put into its “i” gadgets, while the Ipad may have some features lacking that disappointed some users, the brand name itself overcomes those shortcomings.

As some of my friends say, if it is Apple, it ought to be good!

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