The New iPhone 4

The whole world saw a prototype before that was leaked by Gizmodo and it was what they were expecting when the new iPhone was officially revealed to the world. So the leaked iPhone is the same as the one that will be out in the market soon.

With a new operating system that boasts of more than a hundred features, I’d say “get over here! I want one!”. The ability to create folders and manage your applications has been a long time coming. Guess they got pressured with how Android lets users do that from the start. Multitasking is another feature that finally is part of the iPhone.

I tried to look at the iPod Touch page to see if they also have a new model released. Nada! Still looks the same. The only update in their page is the operating system 4 that can also be upgraded for iPod Touch users. I miss playing the games. I am sure I will enjoy them again, especially the new ones.

I have never owned an iPhone because the features never attracted me. Only this time, it sure changed my mind ;).

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