Ptolemy Stars

Let me ask you one thing. If you can think of a unique gift that you can give to your special someone, what would it be? Seems kind of difficult right? Even I would have a hard time thinking about what to give to my wife or family that is something unique.

I came across a site that gave me a huge interest in getting a gift for my wife that is very very unique. How about naming a star in her name? Yes. As in a heavenly star. One that you see up above the nightly sky.

Naming a star is very easy. Simply pay using PayPal and after your purchase has been added to the star registry, you will receive a certificate where you can fill in the name of your star and its coordinates. Simply put the coordinates into your telescope to see it.

Awesome right?

When you name a star, you also receive a certificate with the adopted star coordinates, have the ability to give a special gift to your loved one plus a chance to receive a wonderful prize of either an apartment, a laptop or a car.

Just think the surprise facial expression that your special someone will have once they know you named a star after them. This service is available worldwide so your star coordinates will be listed in the international star registry.

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