Hacked But Not Out!

Had a really tough day today and last night. I just found out that my WordPress blogs got hacked. It stemmed from whatever vulnerabilities old versions of WordPress have. They say upgrading to the latest version is always the best thing to do. That is correct in some ways because with WordPress, it can be quite a hassle to do that.

While it is easy upgrading the CMS system. The problem lies with the plugins used. Sometimes they do not work with newer versions and blog owners are left mystified when they get the white screen of death. The typical solution to that dilemna is to rename the plugins folder to a different name and transfer (and activate) your plugins one by one to the newly created plugins folder.

Because my blogs got hacked, I was left with another error whereby I kept getting header sent problems. This was because the WordPress hack added an eval code on top of every PHP file in the system. I did use a PHP script to remove them but it seems that it does not remove newlines at the top and bottom of the PHP file which gives you that white screen problem.

The only solution would be to copy a freshly installed WordPress (do not delete your theme). Then manually remove extra line breaks in your theme’s files.

Because of what happened, I installed a few security plugins for WordPress that I hope would prevent this from happening again. Getting hit with this problem is a very big hassle. Well. They got hacked. But they are not out!

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