The FaceVsion Touchcam N1 HD Video Streaming Webcam


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If you use Skype, then you definitely use it for video conferencing. That is after all what the program is known for. I just found out that there is a webcam that is the world’s first Skype-certified capable of delivering full screen 720 pixels streaming video over the Internet. Now that, is high definition!

It is no secret that there are already so called high definition webcams out in the market today like Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000. But these so called HD webcams cannot even stream true high definition quality over the Internet. They are pretty much limited for local use.

But the faceVsion TouchCam N1 is different. Anybody would definitely choose seeing high definition videos in their calls compared to low quality video. Sometimes with the small resolution limitations that webcams have, sometimes you cannot see every part of the video clearly.

The N1 even features a 78 degree super wide angle lens with fast auto-focus which means your angle view gets extended to a wider area. And the best part is that the N1 is very flexible that you can easily attach it to your desktop or laptop or even flat screen monitors with easy plug and play installation.

The FV touchcam N1 is available through faceVision on line store and other value added partners. A special package called the FV ExpressCombo is also available. Check it out!
Visit my sponsor: faceVsion TouchCam N1 HD Video Streaming Webcam

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