The things companies make just to make a quick buck. The Syte Shirt is a black heavyweight cotton shirt that features a transparent pocket up front, sized to fit an iPad. Two holes provide easy access to the tablet’s earphone and dock ports without removing it from the zippered pouch, while the transparent “vinyl” screen still allows interaction with the touch-screen.

Small to Extra Large Syte Shirts retail for $50, while the XXL size goes for $55. Now, if you own an iPad, would you buy one and place your iPad in front of your chest to show off to the public? Hmmm … wonder if there could be radiation that your chest would absorb.

People may buy the shirt. But you’d think everybody who buys them will have an iPad in front? That remains to be seen ;).

Here’s one article I found from Tom’s Guide for iPhone 3GS owners who installed the new operating system version 4 of the iPhone: you probably noticed that your phone is now slower than molasses in winter.

Some users who have upgraded to the new iOS 4 have forced a downgrade back to iOS 3.1.3, while others may be thinking that this is the end of the line for their two-year-old device.

One conspiracy theory is that Apple intentionally made the iPhone 3G slower so that customers would have an extra incentive to upgrade to the iPhone 4 now that they’re nearing the end of their contracts.

For those who are hanging on to their iPhone 3G, however, there is hope. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple said that it is looking into the performance issues relating to iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G.

Such issues involve slowed performance, decreased battery life, and excessive heat. Are you experiencing the same problems? Share your story.

Who knew right? I never expected someone would create a website software that would make it convenient for real estate people to have their very own website that will allow potential clients to easily search real estate listings in their site. Knowing as how technology has made things easier for all of us today, I know for a fact that anything people do online today has been made relatively simple.

Called 2Estates, by using this software’s real estate script, as a real estate owner, I do not have to look for a website company to make my very own website for real estate purposes. I can do everything here in only a matter of minutes. The user interface is very easy to use and easy to understand plus navigation features will allow potential clients to easy search the real estate of their that they are looking for.

What makes this a good deal is that the resulting site that I create will have its very own real estate website hosting and set of filters so searching can easily be filtered out displaying only results that interest the client. Plus they even have a number of real estate website templates so help get you started. I recommend you to try it out firsthand so you will fully understand how the 2Estates website software for real estate works. Check it out!

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