FacebookCheating.com, What It’s All About

This is one interesting site. We all know the popularity of Facebook and how addicting it can be. Well .. thank God I am not at an age where I can be addicted to this anymore. At first I enjoyed using Facebook because I got to add friends from high school and way back, even those a year below or ahead of me. Its friend finder algorithm was very impressive. That made me want to use Facebook.

I read an article that featured a site called FacebookCheating.com. This was started in 2009 by a guy who discovered his wife’s affair with an ex, wants to help others cope with someone cheating on them as well as shine light upon someone who is using Facebook to cheat.

There are some sad stories put up by men and women alike who had been cheated upon because of Facebook. I believe them. I got hooked with chatting a long time ago when I was in college and I tell you, it is really addicting. I am just glad I started on it when was almost in 4th year college. If it was earlier than that, my future would have been in chaos.

The site has quite a lot of cheating stories and articles regarding divorce and cheating.

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