Microsoft To Sell Kinect Controller For $150

Finally, we have a price. Come November 4, Microsoft will be selling its Kinect controller for the Xbox at $150. The Kinect system recognizes users’ gestures and voices, so you can control on-screen characters in racing, action and sports games simply by speaking or moving your body. It will come packaged with a game, “Kinect Adventures”. The package probably has the rafting game in it.

The entry-level console, plus Kinect and the game, will also be available as a bundle for $300. Anybody planning to buy this? I think this is a great addition to their console which exceeds even the Wii. No more remote control! Yes! Now … I may be thinking of buying one but it ain’t the Kinect Adventures I will be obsessed playing. It’s that Star Wars Kinect game that I want!

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