Anyone Noticed Any Pagerank Activity For July 2010?

I noticed yesterday that one of my blogs went from N/A to zero. Now, I am not sure if this may still change. I am hoping it will since I am expecting it to go back to PR3 like it was before. I did the necessary changes to make this happen but there has not been any change except that N/A to zero transition.

Or maybe it is a sign that Google’s system is doing the pagerank evaluation on the millions of sites in the Internet today. My other blogs did not experience any increase or decrease of pagerank ranking which made me happy. I am awaiting my 3 blogs that have PR0 to at least go back to PR3 hopefully especially my travel blog which used to have a PR4.

If you have seen any pagerank activity in any of your blogs please do let me know so I can start keeping track of my own blogs as well.

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  1. Ever since I went to my own domain I have been a zero (I had been a two). This has been MONTHS. AND I am frustrated because there is no way to get an answer from Google.

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