Starcraft 2 Rip

It is only a few days away till the anticipated release of Blizzard’s strategy hit game Starcraft 2 but I just found out that there is a rip version of the game of around 7 Gig in size. That is one whopping big game. The RIP version is only for Windows operating systems only so tough luck for Mac users like me.

I do hope that this RIP version will let users play locally against each other rather than be forced to play in Blizzard’s Not everybody enjoys high speed Internet. Man, this game has lots of new units and ships, I had a pretty hard time playing the Beta version of it. But still, I know that this is a very good game.

If anybody of you know where to get a Mac version of it, please do let me know ;).

You know Blizzard, if it’s from them, you know it’s good! Can’t wait for Diablo 3.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t think the rip allows much because you have to connect to before you do anything really. Unless they fixed that.

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