Cool Browser Apps In Flash

When you go over to 000101010001001’s website, you might be apprehensive at first. Even I was too because of the sheer number of 0s and 1s in the domain name itself. No letters, just numbers. But upon further checking, this is a legit site. It contains a number of cool applications created in Flash and you can run them, use them or play with them right within your browser. No other downloads are needed.

Some Flash apps I already encountered before like curveball but others I have not and they look pretty interesting. Take the case of TimeZoneMap. It displays a well known city’s associated timezone. Just hover your mouse to any city represented as diamond shaped dots and the timezone gets displayed as well. Simple, clean, yet pretty useful for timezone purposes.

The OldSynth application looks like some sort of synthesizer board wherein clicking a few buttons here and there each generates a unique sound effect. Mixing them together and you get a whole different sound effect. Sounds like you are in a carnival. Try and create some nifty music tunes from any of the buttons.

The other application I tried is called IconDial. Although I did not know what to quite make at first, I did some fancy tweaking with just pure text and create a unique text image. The application can even let you save it to a file or load an image to add to your project. It is a simple application that does not eat much resources. In fact, the other two applications I checked out never did hog any resources that made my laptop slow.

There are other cool Flash applications that may pique your interest. They are all free by the way. No registrations needed, no other software requirements. Just your regular Internet browser. Check them out!

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