16 Reasons To Jailbreak NOW

Whenever I hear the word jailbreak, there is only one thing that comes to my mind, Apple’s device. Either an iPhone, iTouch or iPad. I read an article in Gizmodo that is worth the read. With Apple’s new OS4, the new features are pretty much worth the effort to try and jailbreak one’s device.

There are just so many apps that you can install, use, play and do once the device is jailbreaked. Now that multitasking, apps and custom wallpapers are standard features in iOS (sheesh, they finally had to incorporate this), it might seem like there really is not a point to jailbreaking anymore.

While there are so many cool apps in the iTunes AppStore, there are also many jailbreak apps that are better, cooler and more useful. Curious? Go to this article and find out.

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