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I came across a new social networking site called where you can chat publicly with other people, about the topics that interests you such as movies, places, famous actors and much much more. So the question arises, what makes this different from other social networking sites?

Miimr is a place full of topics and conversations. For one thing, you have the option to follow that certain topic or not. That way, you will be updated real time in case any more entries come in. If you have used online forums before then you won’t have a hard time engaging in conversations with other members of this community.

The site looks pretty clean and navigating around its features and its user interface is pretty simple which I believe is a very important criteria for attracting new members. I usually give up using a site if I cannot even use it easily.

The Miimr database contains millions of records like people, places and everyday things around you. You can also tag your post with any of these records to either clarify your posts or have it associated with something. You can up topics that you are interested in and exchange ideas and opinions with other members following the thread.

Why don’t you create an account and see for yourself. It’s free! This way, you will understand more what has to offer and appreciate its service with on hands experience.?p

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