What The? Music Playing In My GMail

When I opened my GMail just now, I was surprised to hear some music playing. Even more surprised since only GMail was currently opened in my tab and nothing else. I thought maybe it was an email that I was reading about so I closed it but the music still kept playing.

I closed the tab and opened GMail again but still the music persisted. Then I remembered that they just released a new feature called Gmail Priority Inbox where you can separate out your most important messages making it easy for you to read and respond to the messages that matter.

I tried to check in any Google forum I could come across with and it turns out that when you have not yet activated the setting for Priority Inbox, a YouTube video automatically plays. Weird because when I saw the YouTube screen, it was not even playing.

Anyway, the music stopped when I clicked the link of the Priority Inbox so I could set it up.

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  1. this is helpful, except that if you say “no, thanks” it keeps playing. my head is going to implode soon. help me…..

  2. @val: why don’t you accept it? i never fooled around with the priority inbox section. it only appears in the left menu and that’s it. everything’s the same

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