The New iPod Touch and Nano

It is September 1 and as expected, Apple released their new model for the iPod Touch and its features are hardly surprising since there is no way that the iTouch will have at least one feature not present in the iPhone. Still, let’s just call the new iPod Touch as an iPhone without a sim. It had to be done sooner or later and they finally decided to place it in this model … the camera.

It also has a pretty cute logo, with colorful fingerprints adoring the words “touch”. What surprised me though, was the NANO. It looks like a bit of an oversized shuffle except that old NANO owners will get pissed because it now boasts of a touch screen interface.

Sorry, but that is how Apple works. People still buy the new stuffs anyway so the more they abuse their power to make things work that way. Check out the Apple website to see more photos and information regarding the new iTouch and Nano.

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