Google Chrome Mac OSX Now Version 6

I actually had no idea there is a version 6 for Google Chrome in the Mac OSX operating system until I read my friend’s Google Buzz that when he reformatted his box and reinstalled Chrome, he was surprised to see the version number that it is not in beta anymore.

Surprising huh? Even FireFox is still in beta now so even I was also surprised when I double checked the new Chrome installer that I downloaded and installed to be that of version 6. Changes may not be so obvious but if you check out the address bar on the left and right, you will notice some icons are different and their placements are not the same.

Not much visual changes so I am guessing that most of the enhancements for this new release is internal. You know, performance related issues. Do not be mystified if you do not see any version number in the installer’s file name. The file name is still the same as in previous versions of the browser but once you install it, check the about me section and see the version number 6. Chrome rocks!

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