Java USB Support

I recently tried some USB 3rd party libraries, mostly Java wrappers of DLLs to be able to communicate with USB device and I must say, it is a lost cause. I tried both javax.usb and libUSB and neither both of them works. Java currently does not have support for USB. It would have been good if there was one. At least for communicating USB devices.

But since there is none, you would have to depend on 3rd party libraries to be able to do that. Still, I tried both of those two and used the accompanying example code and neither of the two libraries could even detect the foot pedal device that I plugged in to a USB slot.

My main goal was to be able to communicate with a USB device but since the libraries could not even detect an attached device, I stopped using them.

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  1. javax.usb does work ( i’ve only gone as far as detecting devices and getting their descriptors )
    it’s taken some time to get it working ( more than it should).. so far I dont think java and usb are a good match

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