Loaded WordPress. Literally

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hMajority of blogs today are powered by WordPress, the famous content management system that is free, easy to use and powerful. I know because I am a WordPress user myself. But one problem may hound non-techie users: the capability to automatically handle social network automation, user generated content tools, search engine optimization (SEO) tools and complete marketing to name a few.

You would have to do research and integrate them yourself. For most users, they can find this a hassle. Do you think there would be a WordPress system that has the features I mentioned awhile ago packaged with it? Actually, there is and I just learned about it now. Called Loaded WordPress, the service runs for a free and really, it is worth all it. All you have to do is write your post and let the system handle all the SEO, exposure and marketing processes for you.

Plus, to start creating your site you only need to click a few buttons here and there. Everything else is handled by the system. Now, isn’t this the right way to expose your site? Just place some content and having not to worry about how to get them exposed and reached by millions of users across the world.

I recommend you try out the site so you can see what other features Loaded WordPress has in store. Be professional. Be social. Be relevant. Be loaded with Loaded WordPress - Social Marketing Platform.
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