How & Why Chrome Is Overtaking Firefox Among Power Users

Firefox has long been the go-to web browser among power users for its impressive feature set, extensibility, and openness. But Google’s nimble, light, also extensible and open browser, Chrome, has won over Firefox’s core user base. Here’s why:

Frequent incremental updates, user experience is everything, browser sync and integration with Google services. When I use Chrome, it feels faster and that is all that matters. Well, from a user’s point of view. More than just interface design. the browser delivers web sites and information quickly and pain-free. The extensions and other niceties make Chrome more than what it can normally do.

The browser needs to be fast and serviceable before the other stuff really matters. For users who want speed, functionality, and extensibility, Chrome is turning a lot of eyes from Firefox. The only thing left Chrome needs to do is overhaul their Javascript console. I want it to be more like Firefox’s which is easier to read and debug. Chrome’s just not very user friendly.

While Firefox may still win out in some areas, overall, I would say Chrome is it! What do you think? Share what browser you use and your experience using it.

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