Best Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugin

Back when I was using AddThis’ social bookmarking WordPress plugin for my blogs, I came across a site that had one very intuitive, cute and sexy looking social bookmarking plugin. I never knew what the name of that was until I focused hard in searching for it. I never expected it too that the name is called SexyBookmarks. It is in fact sexy and in my view is the best social bookmarking plugin in WordPress for your social networking needs.

The number of social networks in its list is so many that there are some of them that I have never even heard of. Configuring it is pretty easy too. You can select the most popular social network sites so you do not have to peruse them one by one. You can either place them before or after the post.

When you hover the mouse cursor of the icons, this is where it gets sexy ;). It will show you all the social network sites that you selected to appear in the configuration page. Check out half-seen icons above this post with a “Sharing is Sexy” word. That’s the SexyBookmarks in action.

Installing this in WordPress is pretty easy. Having this in your Blogger blog is a different story and requires you to have a little technical knowhow.

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