The Revamped Twitter

Twitter users have known for quite some time that Twitter plans to overhaul its user interface and add new features to it. Well … just yesterday I noticed a small note above the page and clicked on it right away to switch to the new UI. Can’t say I was disappointed because in my opinion it looks good!

The graphic images and color schemes are soothing to the eyes. Plus your followers and those whom you follow are shown in only 1 row now. Saves you the bandwidth to load other images right? Plus the option to finally UNFOLLOW the user can be done by clicking the same button when you FOLLOW.

Now, I am not sure if there is already an option for that. I am not a hardcore Twitter user so I never got to find out how to unfollow a user. I was stuck with him/her unless I used some unfollow web application catered to Twitter. Plus, if you view a user’s profile, it does not reload the entire page just to view it. It probably uses AJAX to load the profile on the right pane of the page so only that layer gets reloaded.

So far so good. I am liking the new revamp except for a minor little thing: the list that you assign the Twitter user does not appear like it used to. You would have to click on the button that shows the in order to know which list you assigned the user to.

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