Link Exchange Electrified

When one reads the word link exchange, the very first thing that comes to mind to SEO conscious people is Google Pagerank. True, this is the essence of how one’s site can get a big pagerank. When I came across VoltRank, their free link exchange netowrk serve a more important purpose: to increase your site’s traffic. Now that is more like it!

Pagerank may be important to some but overall it is traffic that rules. The more traffic your site will have, the more opportunities you can get whether they are for promotional or monetization purposes. VoltRank’s process is pretty easy. Just install a simple piece of code in your site and that same code will display links and receive what they call VoltRank Volts. These Volts are like your credits where you will then be able to publish your links so it will appear in other sites. This way, you can distribute link advertising to any website thus broadening your site’s exposure and reach.

And the best thing about VoltRank? It is absolutely free! Register now to get started. It only asks you the most basic of information so the registration phase is really short and quick. And you have to know about this. Since VoltRank wants to make sure your site gets good page rank and traffic, they make a point to work only with sites that have at least a page rank of 1. Sites are reviewed upon submission to ensure this requirement.

No need to exert effort with SEO. VoltRank takes the hassle off from you. It is specially advantageous to non-techie users who have no idea where to start in how to increase page rank and traffic of their site. Now, I may have said many things here but the best way to appreciate what VoltRank can do for you is for you to register an account and check out the features. Go ahead and see how your site can benefit from them.

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