War Game Axes Taliban Option

Electronic Arts made a good move against plans to let players control Taliban fighters in the highly anticipated Medal of Honor video game due to harsh criticism from military officials and others. Game publisher Electronic Arts said Friday that it has decided to remove the name Taliban from one of the forces in the multiplayer version of the game, which focuses on modern-day fighting in Afghanistan.

The game is set to be released October 12 and is expected to be one of the top video-game rollouts of the year. Players still will be able to control the fighters — which are the enemy when a player is playing the game alone — but they will be referred to simply as Opposing Force.

No matter what excuse they blurt out, I do agree that out of respect for their soldiers serving in Afghanistan, that that name should not be used in the game. Opposing force will do. Being a player who understands the dynamics of the game or not is still not a valid excuse to me. What do you think?

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