Tomb Raider Anniversary For PSP

Like the original, Tomb Raider: Anniversary follows the same basic tale of Lara’s hunt for the Scion of Atlantis as she does battle with conniving businesswoman Jacqueline Natlas and her various henchmen. You will explore ancient tombs and forgotten cities in Peru, Greece and or Egypt while performing plenty of death-defying acrobatics as you work your way through massive, ancient and often deadly puzzles.

This is actually the very first Tomb Raider game I have played in any console. Control issues aside which is unpleasant when fighting against enemies like wolves and bears, Tomb Raider: Anniversary remains a dynamic and exciting adventure. And while I am still in the early stages of the game, at least there are not much wild animals running amuck. I did see a photo of Lara fighting against a dinosaur so I am guessing that will appear near the end of the game.

I can compare this game to Prince of Persia where there are a lot of acrobatics, jumping, swinging and diving. While Prince of Persia did feature more enemies than Tomb Raider, the overall game play controlling Lara is alright. At least I do not feel dizzy after some minutes in playing the game. The sound adds an eerie atmosphere to wherever Lara goes.

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