3D TV That Doesn’t Need Special Glasses

This is more like it! A 3D TV that does not need special 3D glasses just to view 3D movies … on 3D TV he he he. I totally will scratch my desire to get an ordinary LED TV for this one. Having to use 3D glasses is a hassle. I would have to maintain its cleanliness state because who knows what you’d get when you wear those. Even if I clean them regularly, the clean factor is not always 100%.

Thank you Toshiba! They unveiled the Regza GL1 Series TV which uses the Cell Broadband Engine that takes a 2D image and then simultaneously creates nine images of it from nine different directions, in real time. It is displayed on a high-definition LED TV.

While this may be the first generation of 3D TVs without the need for 3D glasses, there may be some limitations and problems that may arise once it is out in the market. Still, Toshiba has paved the way for people to avoid wearing those ridiculous glasses while enjoying 3D movies in their 3D TV. (Photo taken from CNN’s website)

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