Microsoft & Facebook Search Tie-Up

Microsoft Corporation will start pulling information from Facebook users into its Internet search results, in a bid to boost its upstart Bing engine that’s competing with market leader Google Inc.

Under the terms of the partnership, Bing users signed into Facebook will be able to see search results instantly populated with information from their contacts on the social-networking service, including opinions and advice on restaurants, books and films.

In turn, Bing search results are to become available on Facebook users’ pages. Microsoft stressed that as a privacy consideration, Bing’s integration with Facebook will be optional for users. The integration should make Bing a more efficient means of helping users find specific information and people, while making decisions easier.

As for privacy implications of the tie-up, Bing users would not gain access to any information about Facebook users that has not already been made available to other contacts on the social-networking service.

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