The Magicard Printer

Technology has made it possible for anybody to own any device that can do a lot of things. Printing ID cards, you need an ID card printer and Magicard’s ID card printers are one of the industry’s best. With these, you can print full color secure photo ID badges, membership cards, smart cards and even access control badges.

What makes them unique from the rest of their competitors is that their access control feature is made possible through the use of their patented HoloKote anti-counterfeiting visual security feature which prints standard or custom watermark security and this comes as no cost to you because it is already part of the printer’s capabilities.

I find this very impressive. The custom image which is printer onto the card is encrypted and electronically stored on a custom key thereby making duplication impossible. Security will not be compromised in the process. These features plus the fact that the prices are affordable and cost less than what you can find in retail stores make these Magicard printers very appealing.

You can also find some Magicard cartridge, Tango ribbons and Tango manual in the site. When quality and security really matters, Magicard printers are a good alternative in my point of view.

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