JTextPane does not have bulleted list or numbered list support. While making it happen using either StyledEditorKit or RTFEditorKit is not possible unless you create your own, I figure the easiest way to implement this feature would be through the use of an HTMLEditorKit since HTML supports both unordered and ordered lists.

The code below inserts HTML code of an unordered list into the JTextPane. For ordered or numbered lists, you can change the variables of the code and replace the <UL> HTML tag to <OL>.

I have always admired Nokia phones since I started owning a mobile phone. Why? The best feature that I always loved with their phones is its user friendly interface. No need for manuals to learn how to use it. While phones have evolved in so many ways, the Nokia N8’s user friendly interface is kept intact and is still powered by the Symbian operating system.

New models always come with better features. Its 12 mega pixel camera has to be one of its very attractive features considering it also has Carl Zeiss optics. The screen on the Nokia N8 is a massive 3.5 inches with a 16:9 resolution or more commonly known as High Definition. With super attractive 16.7 million color display, ambient light detector and proximity sensor, the phone ensures your screen will project display at its best and saves power where possible.

It also features a satellite navigation so you will never get lost wherever you are. Simply enter into Ove Maps and input where you want to go and the device will do the rest guiding you: where by car or by foot! The phone also features Wi-Fi positioning, a compass and accelerometer which automatically displays the map in either landscape or portrait mode depending on how you are holding the device. Your network provider can charge you for any maps that you upload to your Nokia N8. I suggest you take advantage of Nokia’s maps loader application to upload maps for free.

The Nokia N8 also takes advantage of the popularity of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) by allowing you to view photos and video on other devices like television and projectors in high-definition digital 720 pixel resolution.

This phone is already out in the market and you can find a good number of nokia n8 deals and mobile phone deals in the Internet.

Programmers in work are often categorized according to their levels Here is one basis for a programmer competency matrix to determine if applicants are fit for the job on a certain level.

Note that the knowledge for each level is cumulative; being at level n implies that you also know everything from the levels lower than n.

So programmers, developers or however you call yourself, check out the programmer competency matrix and see which level you fall under.

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