Cute Captcha

This is by far the best looking CAPTCHA I have encountered in the Internet. The Ajax Fancy Captcha from Web Design Beach is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. A new, intuitive way of completing verify humanity tasks features dragging capabilities in order to provide the correct answer rather than typing in letters of words.

And you do not just drag about anywhere. You have to drop it within the circle provided where it says DROP HERE.

Its basic design and elements are easy to change and customize to fit your site’s theme. This is FREE. I repeat, FREE ;).

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  1. This is easy crackable by bots. Just to try 5 times for 100% passing with oversimplistic approach. I am using KeyCAPTCHA. It is cute, fun, customizable by your own pictures, unbreakable

  2. KeyCAPTCHA does not collect visitors’ private information.

    The author of the groundless accusations is a technically illiterate person.

    Everyone can be convinced of his illiteracy by using FireBug or any other tools which show all outgoing traffic from a browser. KeyCAPTCHA sends just data which are required for CAPTCHA validation process. And it will never be changed.

    By now our service doesn’t have any financial problems. That is why we are changing the TOS of our paid service “Personolized CAPTCHA” without rush. We are going to launch our “Personolized CAPTCHA” in June. And we won’t close our free standard KeyCAPTCHA service.

    Looks like that these groundless accusations are planned competitors’ action against KeyCAPTCHA because these groundless accusations have been submitted to a few other websites. They used just two nicknames and conducted their action in one day.

    If you find groundless accusations like these please contact us via KeyCAPTCHA website

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