Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction Cheat Codes For PSP

The cheat codes for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction for the PSP are too unexpected to guess. Just check the codes below. Nobody would expect to increase your health, you just have to type health. Either way, here are the following cheat codes for the PSP game that can be used to help you finish the game.

To input the corresponding cheat for the code you want, go to the Main Menu and select Cheats. Then input the code you want.

  • 1 Million DNA Cash – Enter Code: cash
  • 2x Damage by AI, 1/2 Damage From Player – Enter Code: hard
  • Energy Meter Regeneration – Enter Code: energy
  • Life Meter Regeneration – Enter Code: health
  • Unlock All Levels – Enter Code: levels
  • Max Upgrades on Alien Forms – Enter Code: upgrade
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