Who Are All These People?


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WAATP which means Who Are All These People, is an online service that enables any user to find information on people. So where did they get all these details? They work with data providers who supply original and non-sensitive information about individuals from public sources. These same information is provided willingly by them, state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone companies and other organizations.

To see if this service really works, I tried to search for my aunt. waatp.com found her alright and not just a few details about her. I was able to learn of her LinkedIn account, Flickr and other social networking accounts that I did not expect to find.

This is a great service that can reconnect you with anybody whom you have lost touch with. Using the service is very simple. Just enter the name, city and/or zip and you will then be given a list of search results. Click on one and you will see all related data like videos, blogs and others.

It is a pretty useful tool for doing background checks without the need to request for information that may take a long time to obtain. Search for a person in waatp.com and obtain results right away.
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