December 2010 Pagerank Update

We have reached the last month of 2010 but there has been no sign of any activity of any pagerank update. I expected it to be this month because the last known major update was in April and there have not been one since. I know a lot of people are expecting it to be this month since it is the end of 2010.

We can only speculate. That is all that we can do. While I believe Google has totally abandoned pagerank, if they have not, I am guessing they are doing a major overhaul with their code on how they rank sites. If this will be so, I expect a lot of surprise ranking changes in all sites. There will be happy blog owners and there will be disgruntled owners.

Me? I hope there will be an update. I have been waiting for 3 of my blogs to have their rankings increase. But as always, we can just speculate … and wait.

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