Myspace Cutting Nearly Half Of Staff

Myspace announced Tuesday it was cutting some 500 jobs, nearly half of the staff of the troubled News Corp.-owned social network, which has been eclipsed by Facebook.

Hardly surprising and I never liked using MySpace to begin with. What with those annoying and glaring technicolored themes that users can plaster on to their profile pages. I am glad that Facebook did not allow this feature because it is one big reason why most people do not visit other people’s profiles.

Too many images, too many colors, too irritating to look at. Also, MySpace never went further beyond being a social networking site. It seemed they were contented to be just that seeing as they have millions of users. When Facebook came, well … you know the rest.

News Corp. bought Myspace for 580 million dollars in 2005 but it has been overtaken in recent years by Facebook, which has grown to more than 500 million members while Myspace’s numbers have dwindled.

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