White iPhone Problem Solved With Japanese Technique?

Apple has finally solved the manufacturing problem preventing the release of white iPhone 4s, a report says. Originally promised shortly after the availability of black models, Apple has had to delay the white phones several times.

The trouble, a Macotakara source says, is that earlier painting techniques produced large numbers of defective units, making them impractical for mass production. The answer has reportedly come from a painting material developed in Japan, said to make it easier to adjust the thickness of layers.

White iPhones have in fact begun popping up in a number of tracking systems, including ones in the US, the UK and Germany. Apple might therefore finally be on the verge of shipping, though exactly how soon is a matter of speculation. The company could attempt to time the launch sometime after the debut of the Verizon iPhone on February 10th.

And the bottomline is … do people really care what the problem is/was? As long as it is fixed, people definitely are looking forward to its release. As for problems encountered before and the solution done to it, nobody cares … right?

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