Google Unveils Web Based Android Market For Phones, Tablets

In CNN’s Tech news, here is one tidbit that can tip the scales in the smartphone app market. As Google prepares to add a new category to its arsenal of portable devices with tablets, the company’s mobile team is deploying ways to better tie its different systems together. It might not come as a surprise that the internet giant is using the Web to do that.

Using the Android Market website in a browser, you can browse using Android-run tablets and smartphones to buy and download apps, Google announced at a news conference on the company’s main campus here on Wednesday.

From the website, users can beam the app to any number of phones or tablets connected to their accounts. The phone begins downloading the app almost instantly. This feature has already been enabled automatically on Android phones.

Previously, you’d have to open the Android app on a smartphone in order to search for and download programs. Synchronizing between other family members’ phones, for example, was a hassle.

The announcement reinforces Google’s philosophy of doing everything over the internet, or “cloud” in industry parlance. Android already synchronizes personal information such as e-mail and contact lists through the Web.

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