Unlimited Turkmen Internet Nearly $7,000 Per Month

Whoa! I guess there are still some parts of the world where the Internet is totally expensive! Residents of Turkmenistan can benefit from the same high-speed Internet as the rest of the world as long as they pay $6,821 per month, according to prices posted on the country’s provider Monday.

Clients can surf the web with up to 2,048 kilobytes per second speed for the price, according to the tariffs posted on www.online.tm, the Internet provider of TurkmenTelekom, a telecom monopoly in the Central Asian country.

Unlimited Internet is also available at slower speeds, with the least expensive option of 64 kilobytes per second for a bargain price of $213 per month.

The cheapest Internet access in Turkmenistan costs $43 per month but only allows two gigabytes of traffic.

Per capita GDP in Turkmenistan was about $7,400 in 2010 according to the CIA World Factbook, or just over $616 per month.

Turkmenistan, a former Soviet republic, is one of the most opaque and authoritarian states in the world. Up until 2008, only businesses could install Internet access, and the first Internet cafes did not appear until the beginning of 2007.

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