This 4th Gen iTouch Is Worth It

Even though Apple devices are pricey, I would say this iTouch 4th gen that I recently bought is worth it. Why? Because of the wonderful people behind jailbreaks. Now anybody can get any games and apps that they want. While Apple’s device is great, it all boils down to the apps.

These devices were never much of a hit when the iTouch was just a music and video player. Once they introduced apps to the world, that was the start of Apple’s rise to overtake Microsoft. Without apps, the iPhone and iTouch would be nothing.

I have played and tried a few games here and there so in the coming days, I will be back to doing reviews on iTouch games. This time, my appetite has come back because I am very impressed with the graphics quality that games have today compared to games running in iTouch’s old operating system.

Stay tuned …

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