How To Fix Unexpected Content Problem In Installous

This is a problem that hounds most newbie iPhone and iTouch users and one that has kept me perturbed ever since I used Installous, the cracked AppStore. The problem happens whenever I download a file from FileApe. I kept surfing forum after forum to no avail. Even the suggestions posted by users in the forums did not work for me.

Until one fateful day ;). I happen to come across a post that said there is no problem with Installous. The problem lies with FileApe itself because the session expires too quickly. When I tried it, the guy was right. I had to keep my eye on the timer till the download link appears and I had to tap on it right away in order for the download to work.

Even for just a few seconds, the session will expire right away if you do not tap on the download click when it appears in that instant. The same thing may happen to MediaFire and MegaUpload although the session timeout of FileApe is worse. So you better keep an eye on the timer and the download link. It is only a few seconds anyway.

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  1. I was about to post a negative comment. It works. You literally have click the download link at the right moment. The download link will appear after the countdown. A split second later the rest of the page/adds load and the download link will shift down the page just a bit. You must tap the download link immediately following this “shift” Thanks!!!

  2. I am trying to download the Japan Navigation GOGO Japan via Installous for weeks without success. It uses only wupload cracked by jojo. Every time I enter the correct 4 letters code soon after comes the download page and it disappear soon after half second with this message: SH74.html Download fails Unexpected content.

    Please some one can try if works and let me know how to start the download?? Please Help!!! Cannot find any english navigation software here in Japan and very hard to get around without one! Heeeeeelpppp!!!!

  3. Thanks alot dude, i got the problem with mediafire, but when i read this, then i waited a few seconds till i started download, and it worked!:P THANKS DUDE!:P<33

  4. Heeelllp i go on installous itry to download
    WEPGen and when it starts it says connecting and then my screen comes black and im back to the main menu of the ipod (sometimes it just dosent make it to the connecting part it just lags like that
    Anyway Could you Me PLEASE !!!

    1. @sean: im not sure but probably the link you’re connecting to does not have the physical file anymore. it was probably deleted/flagged as pirated copy.

  5. @sean: if it says file not available then that means that the file has been removed.

    you will have to look for other sources if they placed new ones.

  6. WEPGen Only Has 4Shared So What do i do if i want it for free do you know some other App That Could do the same as installous Answer Back when you can Thx Bro

  7. @sean: you could look for it in google, then download it from your desktop’s browser. there should be other file sharing sites that hosts that app you are looking for

    use itunes to transfer the app to your device. just make sure itune’s option is not auto-synced or else everything will be wiped clean

  8. @Nemesis: did you solve ur problem? I had the situation, when wupload open, but it says that not do sharing, only your own files can be kept. If you find the way how to download the go go Japan, please post here. Anybody please help

    1. @vithek: you should look for some other file hosting resource sites because these sites just disabled public sharing. they dont want the same thing that happened to megaupload to happen to them

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