Tanagram Pro For iTouch

I am a heavy fan of tanagram games and this one I had a blast playing every tanagram puzzle there is. There was an old tanagram game I played with my 1st generation iTouch and that only featured a few puzzles.

With Tanagram Pro for iTouch, it features 540 challenging puzzles with an intuitive one-finger touch control. It also comes packed with soothing music, the kind which makes you fall asleep ha ha. But you can listen to your own music in case you do not like the ones that come packaged with the game.

This game has one annoying feature that I do not like though. For every puzzle, you would have to open up a sort of sliding drawer that contains the tiles. I would have to tap on them one by one to place them all in the puzzle area. The game should have an option if I want this mode or not because it is a hassle having to go to the tile set area and moving them one by one.

This game does not feature mirror-tile mode wherein perhaps double tapping a tile will mirror rotate it thus providing more complex puzzles.

Still, overall I like this game. The fact that it has a lot of puzzles makes this worth it. I just wish any future updates for this game will add new puzzles.

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