How To Use The Facebook Static HTML App

You may have read applications that start with the word Static. But when it comes to a Facebook app, Static HTML is reserved for just that and that alone. Do not confused this with other applications that do not even run on Facebook.

The Static HTML Facebok app was created in order for users to be able to add a tab to their Facebook page user console easily and without hitches. A few clicks here and there and voila, the app does the rest. Really … you only need to do 3 steps:

  1. Register your Facebook page to Static HTML’s app page by selecting one and clicking the REGISTER button.
  2. Next, click the ADD button to add the Static HTML app to a Facebook page
  3. Lastly, once your page is registered, you can now edit your Facebook page and it will appear as “List of Facebook pages using static HTML”

This app is compatible with any HTML, Javascript or Flash embedded code that comes with the page. Now, if you cannot call that easy, I do not know what is. So, go ahead and use the app. There is no need to learn other Facebook technologies in order for you to add anything as a tab in your profile.

Static HTML does the rest.

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