Create Your Own Complete Website … FREE!

And when I say complete website, I mean a website that includes its own forums, newsletters, a member area, counter, guestbook, survey, contact form, even a pinboard: a kind of Web 2.0 tool, galleries, link lists, password protection, introductions and more.

This service is very easy to use. I got to deploy my own website in just a few easy steps. It helped big time that there are pre-made templates so you only have to select which one you like and supply in the necessary details to display. That’s it. Simple as pie. (Check out the screenshot below)

The system comes with a step by step wizard help to accompany you in your website creation. No need to learn HTML. No need to know Javascript. No need to be technically inclined. HPage separates the technical side and the visual side of things.

You just supply the values, set theme colors and photos and you are good to go. You also do not have to worry about server side issues since your website will be hosted in HPage. This is a big advantage because in case of server downtime or other issues, you are shielded from this problem.

Curious? Visit the site now and create a free website.

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