Angry Birds For Google Chrome

Amid the excitement after I learned that this game went public, I almost forgot to blog about it.

Now you can play Angry Birds within the Chrome browser. I was impressed when I checked the game out. Man, how did they manage to make this one? And within Google Chrome itself. I am not sure if my laptop is slow or the game eats up humongous resources because the game tends to lag at some points while loading and even during game play.

Still, this is one impressive game I tell you. Just like in the original Angry Bird games in other consoles. And if you want to get on to the hard levels right away, someone just hacked it after the game went public after a few hours. You just need to paste some Javascript code in the address bar of your browser to unlock and lock the levels.

Check it out and let me know what you think. If you have not played Angry Birds yet, then here is your chance now. It is free after all. The game comes in both SD and HD version so pick your option.

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